Sunday, April 25, 2010


God won't take a bad habit or an inappropriate lifestyle from you because He didn't give it to you. He will affirm your decision and strengthen your efforts when you start taking positive steps to rid yourself of the negative influences, the wrong attitudes, or the poor choices that are threatening your potential.

Sunday, April 18, 2010


Sometimes I just sit in utter amazement at the actions of other people. I find myself judging their actions without giving them the consideration of being human. I shake my head in disbelief and assure myself
of the fact that I would never do anything that thoughtless.

....and then I am reminded of the time that
I felt my whole life was a mistake. I found myself apologizing to God one more time for being so imperfect.
As I set there in utter disgust at myself for my mess up... I heard in my spirit... Angela, I know every imperfection that is in you, I made you that way. It is in those imperfections that you learn who I AM and that I AM always with you. It is in those imperfections that I AM made big in you. It is in those imperfections
that you allow me to work what needs to be worked in you.

I do not believe that I know all of my imperfections. I believe that I am aware of the ones that God wants to be put on the spiritual operating table at this time. It is my decision which one(s) I will recognize as a dire emergency and realize that unless I willingly get under the surgeon's scalpel, I will continue to have this abscess of deathly behavior that will cause a spiritual stench beyond description in words.

Sooooo to all of those I have set in judgement of, I am so very sorry. I will focus on myself and my own shortcomings and not yours. I will pray for you grace and mercy and will offer them up instead of my selfish, self-centered attitudes.