Monday, July 19, 2010

Home! Sweet Home!!

We drove/rode 3333 miles in 5 days. Whew! I am glad that is behind us. I have spent the last 3 days resting.

We (Kara and I) made it to Poughkeepsie early Monday morning after a traffic jam due to 300 linear feet of road construction in PA. Wow!! and 11 p.m. traffic jam! I think I will stick with those we find here in Texas.
We finally made it our first destination Monday morning about 2:30! I thought that as tired as I was, I would be able to crash and sleep. Wrong!! There was no A.C.! Just fans to stir the air. It of course wasn't extremely hot at night. I guess the sheer excitement of getting to see my grandson after two years and has become a little scholar! He just finished lst grade, and is reading 4 syllable words. Wow! He also is telling time accurately!! Wooo hooo!! Did I mention how brilliant he is??

We got back on the road , headed to Connecticut at 8 a.m.  Kara has sworn off ever driving there again.
It was abit scary at times, but I truly think that it had to do with our exhaustion more than anything else.
I don't think she had slept but maybe 4 hours since we left Texas on Saturday afternoon.

 We were able to meet with a dear sister in the Lord and her precious granddaughter for lunch. That was an extra special treat to me. My heart is entwined with hers.

We got back on the road after lunch and made it to Josh's home about an hour later. It was wonderful seeing him in his home setting with his parents. We stayed there Monday night and Tuesday night. Then as promised by Kara... we were back on the road by Wednesday morning @6.

The roads seemed longer coming home. I did finally get to drive for a while... all the way across Arkansas.

Then Kara took the reigns again and drove 90 miles in one hour to get us home. All I knew to do was pray we would get home safely... and thankfully we did!