Sunday, May 23, 2010


Chelsea graduated yesterday. I had promised to take her to "our special place" for an early lunch so I could get back to the shoppe and get it opened for the day. It is about a 30 minute drive from our little town. We headed out about 11:15 with Haleigh , my second daughter in coming with us. Haleigh had never been invited on one of our (Chelsea & my) mamma/daughter outings. We have been going there since Chelsea was in Kindergarten. Here is a link to their site . Once we had eaten our Chicken Salad sandwiches we divided a Chocolate Eruption Cake between the three of us. It was absolutely divine! I was so glad to get to share the calories instead of hoarding them all. :o)

They have the most wonderful fruitcake in the world. Now, I say that with great prejudice, as I HATE fruitcake...that is all but Mary of Puddin Hill's.
There is always free help yourself samples of the flavors. That is a must thing to do when you first walk in, even before you order your meal. They also have samples of their chocolates, dips and salsas but nothing beats the fruit cake.

As we were getting ready to leave Chelsea requested we go on into the town to hunt for her a pair of shoes for graduation. I did not realize having a new pair of shoes was so VERY important for graduation. As I listened to her talk, my heart decided that I did not need to get back to our little town to open shoppe. It decided I needed to take this time with Chelsea and Haleigh and treasure it whole heartily. So we went to the mall and I think we  hit every retail store there was that had shoes. We were not able to find some she like that would fit her feet comfortably, as they are swollen underneath her 9 months pregnant body. As we searched the last store for shoes a decision was made to not buy shoes but to buy another new dress to go with a pair of flats that Haleigh had just bought this week...sooooo back to the lst store we went to at the other end of the mall. I have always heard walking was good for encouraging labor to set in... this did come to mind as we headed back to the other end of the mall.

This is one of the dresses we came home with. She said she felt like a butterfly in it. That made my heart smile, she indeed looked, airy, fun, and delightful in it!

Congratulations my darling! You made it all the way through! I am so proud of you!!

You are going to be a wonderful mommy!


Amaria said...

Congratulationg,Chelsea - and Angela!- on making it this far! Praying for you, and wishing you God's blessing in all that the future holds from this milestone forward!

Anonymous said...

Congratulations Chelsea! We know your Mamma is proud of you!

May the Lord be with you on your new journey...Motherhood!

2kutekreations said...

Congrats Chelsea. And you look beautiful.

Christie Cottage said...


Campbell Jane said...

Congratulations to Chelsea! I know you are so proud. I love that your special place has Tabasco on the table and chicken salad, yum! Little places like those are truly special.

PACountry said...

Congratulations!!! She looks absolutely beautiful, too!