Sunday, February 1, 2009

Commissioning A Line Drawing

I did an alchemy on Etsy for a line drawing of my shoppe.
I am wanting to use it in advertising this year. I didn't
have a whole lot of money to spend, but I truly wanted
it done. That is how I decided to do an Alchemy.

Once I had made my Alchemy request, I received approximately
20 bids. Oh my! The selection process was hard. I am not
really good and saying no, especially when everyone has
what I am wanting. So the first thing I did was to decline
each offer that did not fit in my $$$ request. That deleted
about 5. Then I went to each Etsy shoppe to check out other
drawings of the artist. I wanted to see what their style
was. That allowed me to get it down to about 10. There were
some shoppes that had no artwork at all in them. That surprised
me, but certainly helped me to continue to cull them out.

One of the artist had included a link to her work. That made
my searching her work much easier. One point for her!

This one was done by

I searched through the rest of the artists found another one that
had put such a cheap price on his work, I couldn't walk away
from it, especially since his work was excellent. He had included
a link also. One point for him too!

This one was done by

Zero points for everyone else.

Eventually, I was able to decline all other offers except these two.

I am so very pleased with both of them. I will use both artists again!
I encourage you to use them if you need artwork like this done. They were both
phenomenal to work with!

Alchemy worked beautiful for me.


peony paperie said...

Thanks for the comment on my blog!
I really enjoyed reading your posts from months ago about meeting Joshua. What a blessing!
These drawings of your shop are super cute, too! I'm originally from the Houston area, so I'll probably never make it up your way, but your shop looks like the perfect place to spend some time and money!!

Christie Cottage said...

Wonderful post on the use of Alchemy and bravo to you for follwing up with the bids!

I found your blog on CAC Team thread. You can find me here