Sunday, January 25, 2009

Baubles ...Glorious Baubles!

I have had a love affair with baubles since I was a very young child.
My great grandmother lived in California and did not make it to Arkansas
very often. I think I remember seeing her twice as a child. She died when
I was ten. One of the memories I have of seeing her was so I am not sure
how to put it, but weird is the first word that comes to mind. You need to
know that she was a twin. Her twin lived in the same town that my grandmother
lived in, so every time we went to visit my grandparents we also got to see
Aunt Gracie. So in my little mind, Aunt Gracie was my substitute great grandmother. I loved her so very dearly. Sooooo when my great grandmother
did come to town (I think I was 5 or 6) seeing two Aunt Gracies floored and spooked me. I knew they were twins, but I had never experienced twins like that. Same eyes,
same hair, same skin, same laugh, same smile, same gestures, same everything! I was
so totally confused. I didn't want to hurt my Aunt Gracie's, or GG's feelings but for the life of me, I could not figure out who was who...and I most definitely was afraid to ask.

Then I realized something! My gg had baubles on her ears! Oh I was so very
excited. I wondered if anyone else had discovered the secret to her identity!
I knew it was my gg because my uncle had kissed my Aunt Gracie. I thought I
was so so smart! I could call out to my great grandmother and impress her and
all the adults around me...and I did. Most of all I impressed myself! I even
ventured to sit in her lap and low and behold, those earrings were beautiful!
It was at that point in my life that baubles became a great treasure! I do
remember fearing that the next day she wouldn't wear any and then I would be
back to guessing. I went into the kitchen for breakfast that morning and there
stood my two Aunt Gracies with their backs to me. I wasn't sure what I was going
to do, and then my gg turned around and there were baubles on her ears again! I was so elated.

I still don't know if my siblings or the other kids in the family ever figured it
out. I don't recall telling my secret to anyone. I was sure at that time the earrings she wore were worth millions of dollars...after all she was from California where all the movie stars were from and they were rich soooo I am sure my gg was too!

When my gg died, my grandmother recieved a few pairs of her bauble earrings that were and still are so gloriously beautiful! When I visit my granny, I always ask
to see them. I know that my gg wore them over 40 years ago. They are a tangible
part of her that I can touch.

That is where my love of baubles started on a woman that birthed my most wonderful grandmother and those ears that held the secret to my great knowledge of which twin was my great grandmother!

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delighted heart said...

Hey Angela....what a cute post! It's amazing we can track our love of bling back to a beginning! Did you tell me you had started a blog? I don't remember if you did but I know now and I'll be back!