Wednesday, January 14, 2009


I am not jealous of tangible things...
There is nothing physical on this earth that stirs jealousy in me.
However...when we get to the intangible things...I have dealt with
those quite a bit.

One of the biggest issues I have had to deal with was with Wesley's
relationship with Chelsea.

I struggled and cried for almost two years. He doted on her every
breath and was always so wrapped up in her. I felt really like an
outsider. I was crying before the Lord one day, confessing my sin of
jealousy...I had stopped my crying long enough to catch my breath
when the Lord said,"Angela, that is how a daddy is suppose to love
his daughter and that is how I love you."...immediately I was able to
let go of the anger and resentment I had been holding on to for those
two years.

I had never felt loved or wanted by my earthly father, and had no
idea what that relationship should consist of. But when my Heavenly
Father took the time to tell me that I was that important to Him. It
immediately began to heal such a deep feeling of loss and rejection
in me. Satan had lied to me all those years, and I had listened to
his lies. I had listened to his words that cause me to feel isolation
and abandonment. When God reassured me of my acceptance and
importance to life began to change. I began to love myself,
because if God could love me...then I felt I was surely important to
Him. It was a big step in my emotional healing.

I will post more as you share also...I know satan wants to cause us
to feel isolated and all alone in the world and he will tell us any
lies that he thinks will cause us the greatest harm in our beings.
He is such a jerk!


Gina - RoseThistleArtworks said...

This was really profound the way you wrote it. It's like satan and the world tells you to ignore the hole in your heart, buck up and get going, why are you so needy? But God FILLS the holes in your heart so you are a new being and WANT to move forward because you are healed and have joy again. Thanks for sharing from your heart such moving wisdom. :)

Cherry's Creations said...

What an awesome lesson, it is amazing what God teaches us in the midst of our trials. Yes, thanks for sharing!