Sunday, January 11, 2009

Back to school!

Most of you know that I carried a very light load last semester at college.
The wedding and Wes's mom's illness, found priority in my life. The good news
is that Ouida is doing so much better than the doctors ever expected her to.
Praise God for that...and the good news is that Haleigh postponed her wedding
for a very good reason. She wasn't ready. These two very wonderful ladies in my
life gave us wonderful suprises. I also was able to "put make up" on the shoppe
and make her look pretty now. New carpet, new show cases, new tile, new paint all through the front of the shoppe and new work spaces. On the inside, it doesn't look like the same place at all. Thank You Lord!

Now as the New Year has started, it is time to get focused on my heart's desire.
My heart is full of nervous energy right now. I know I will be awake early in the
morning ready to go to school. I have to leave the house around 7 to make it to class by 8. Come 5 a.m. I bet my eyes will be wide open and searching for the sunlight that should be coming through the blinds in my bedroom. I might just have to wake up the sun myself!

This semester I will be learning stone setting. I know that it is a class that I need to take, but I just don't see me doing a big happy dance over learning this. I could be so pleasantly suprised though. What I am excited about is my Art Metals class!!!!!!!!!! I can hardly wait for Tuesday and Thursday nights to get here! I have some jewerly designs in my head that I am so excited to put to metal. I want to learn Mokume Gane'. It is a japanese metal art form. This is not the only thing that I will be learning, but it is one that has my heart stirred. If the class was held from 2am to 6am I would be there with bells on!!

I also will be buying all of my equipment this semester to have the shoppe in full working order. Not necessarily all the bells and whistles but what I need to serve the public right now. The Lord has really held my heart on this. I have not had any anxiety about not having what I need yet. I have bought some items here and there over the past year or so... but the Lord told me now is the time. He is ordering my footsteps...It is so scarey at times because, I know that my simple little mind can not fanthom the thoughts of God. I am having to take deep breaths almost everytime
a new item comes to mind that I believe I am to purchase.

Soooo that is where I am today... I guess this is the first time I am blogging according to my blog name...

Happy Monday!!

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