Monday, June 8, 2009

The Channel Set Ring

I don't know why I want to call this ring the trench cut ring.
I have even thought to call it the ditch cut... oh my!
For some reason, the words channel set just does not come to mind
without searching my memory thoroughly to find them.

This ring is cast in bronze. I had to clean the channel and drill the
holes in the bottom of the ring. so that the light could shine through
and the stones would sparkle, before drilling into the sides of each
channel to make a "pocket" for each stone to sit in. Trust me, I am making
this sound easier than it was. It took me almost week to comprehend what I
needed to do. Granted, I was doing other projects, but this baby just would
not come together. I left class on Thursday really discouraged and returned on Monday determined that I was the jeweler, and I was going to set these stones,
even if it killed every cow in Texas! So the following Monday morning I took
control and did what needed to be done. Here is the result!

This has become one of my favorite types of settings!


Rhonda said...

Angela, that is beautiful! What great artistry. Isn't it amazing what these humans hands can create along with God given talent?

knitblitz said...

That's beautiful! Can I have it? LOL!

Montagyoo said...


incalesco said...

Well done, the finished piece look amazing!

peony paperie said...

That is GORGEOUS! I love the contrast from the work in progress, to the finished product! It must take a real skillful eye to see the potential in a piece.

Carol said...

Beautiful...well worth all that effort!

LittlePeanutShop said...

Wow! Thanks for sharing a little bit of the process! :)

Anonymous said...

It's so amazing to see the work in progress...just like with the Potter! The ring turned out so beautifully and you have the satisfaction of a job well done!

Anonymous said...

wonderful to see some of your work HH, hope you make many more!!