Sunday, June 7, 2009

I can't be almost 47, I am tooooo young to be that old!

I will be 47 on my birthday next month. That seems so unreal. I have
gotten to where I hate pictures of me because that person I see in the
pic is so much older than me. I don't know how my heart and my body can
be two totally different ages.

I remember when I realized that my older sister had began to age. She had
slight wrinkles on her neck. I wasn't too concerned. She smoked, so of course
her age would show so much sooner than mine would. She is only 360 days older than me so I felt quite smug for a little while. The smugness has officially left
the attitude. Humility has set in.

I am so thankful for Mrs. Shannon, my hair boss. Only she and she alone, that means
I am excluded, knows how much grey hair I truly have. She promptly covers it up and it is forgotten for a couple of months. Now...if I could get her to color the wrinkles so they aren't noticeable that would be super fantastic!

I took these pics this weekend, Wes loves the profile pic the best. I don't like any of them. The lipstick looks really off. I just bought it. Two for the price of one! The color is called Petal. I may have to toss it, I think it helps me to look like one of those women that I never wanted to look like.

I am sitting here tonight contemplating the next 20 years of my life. These pics aren't helping me feel energetic or exceptionally young. They are just helping me take a good dose of truth medicine.

My time is over half over on this earth. I had best get real serious about making a difference in this hurting dying world! I figure I have about 45 years left! I want to do more in those forty five years than I have in the past 47! Look out world, once I get a good nights rest, I am going to wake up set my heart on happy and make a difference moment by moment to those around me!


chicamom85 said...

Good attitude, I just turned 52 and I plan to take the world by storm now lol.

Good luck Anne

knitblitz said...

Angela, you are so freakin' coo, and beautiful! But I would definitely ditch that lipstick! Maybe it's just my monitor?

I love how you're making plans to help the hurting, dying world. You are amazing!

knitblitz said...

I meant COOL! Not coo,!

Hampton House said...

Yep, ditching the lipstick. On the pics that I scanned, it didn't look like that. But, apparently something is going on with those lips!


Mrs. Fuzzy said...

My sweetie was 47 when we got married. I was 21. You're just as hot as he was.

I'm now 33 and am looking forward to making myself a little badge to wear when I'm twice my age:

"Watch out! I'm 60 and female. The old rues no longer apply." Yeah, I love my "older" friends!!!!

(it's me, Silver, BTW)

Luscious Lather said...

I think you're adorable! :) I love the way you look and I am glad you got rid of your day-glo lipstick. You're too cool for it. Or is it coo? ♥Diane

Anonymous said...

hh your not old!!!! 47 is young my sweet!! hey as long as your young at heart :)