Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Crocus in the Snow

I just finished this ring right before leaving the shoppe

When my client came in with her stones, I got so excited.
The diamonds are super duper white.(I know that is not a
jeweler's terminology, but it is definately a layman's
terminolgy so bare with me).

The color of the tanzanite is such a deep rich purple
with a slight hint of blue to it. She wanted a tulip
head to hold the center stone. I had never used a one
before much less set tanzanite so I asked one of my
instructors to help me.

She came into the shoppe as I was doing the final polish
on it. She was so pleased.


HaloHatz said...

Awesome job!!

KasaCollection said...

wonderfull ring... i was looking forward to see it here (=

by the way i love the flag counter... i got to get one for my blog to see if i have german visitors haha

one9designs said...

So very pretty!!!

Anonymous said...

That is one gorgeous ring!

Luscious Lather said...

Beautiful work, Angela! That ring must have made her smile! :)