Friday, September 11, 2009

My initial response to 911!

Oh Daddy!!!

Hold our hearts...comfort our spirits. Remind us that this did not
take you by surprise. Do not allow our fear to control us in this
situation. Cause your spirit to rise in us so that we may speak love
and comfort to those who do not know you in spite of our own emotions.
I pray Lord that this will be used as a wake up call for our nation.
One that will cause us to search our hearts and cause us to fall on
our face before you seeking your forgiveness and healing in our land.

Cause your children to rise to the occasion in this horrible attack
on our nation. I pray that your spirit will arise in each one of us
and a boldness come upon us to reach out and touch a hurting dying

Lord, I pray comfort for each and every family that is directly
effected by this horrific attack. I pray that they seek you in their
times of anxiety and fear.

Lord, protect each and every person who is putting his/her life on
the line to rescue the hurt.

I pray Lord that any other planned attacks will be aborted.

Keep President Bush safe, give him the wisdom of Solomon and the
courage of David. Thank you Lord that he is a Godly man and we can
depend on him to seek you on behalf of our nation during this time.

You are the King of Kings...
You are the Lord God Almighty!
In you I seek my refuge.

In the name of Jesus I pray.


Christie Cottage said...

It was horrific!

I think everyone was in shock!

I know that each family who lost a family member or friend carries much sorrow on their heart today.

My husband died 01/11/01 and as I watched those images on television, I knew that the wives of those lost would be dealing with.

My heart and prayers go out to each of them today.

Hampton House said...

I can only imagine what you and those that lost their loved ones so tragically have experienced in your hearts.

Big hugs and prayers.

MYSAVIOR said...



Anonymous said... this something you recorded Angela? Yes, that day was a day I also spent in prayer. I appreciate how you state that it didn't take Him by surprise...sometimes we don't think about that. We will never forget and continue to pray for those who suffer still...that God will comfort their hearts.