Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Portrait Finished!

Yay!! I must say that was very very fast to have a portrait painted!
I can hardly wait to get her to her new home and hanging on the wall!
This is the artist's shoppe: JaclynBergantino.etsy.com.

Now, I need to name my lady, do you have a suggestion or two???
Leave it in my comment area! She can't hang on my wall and not have a name!
For those that know me... know that even my cars are named! Soooo :o)...
come on, help me name her!


cory - falling star lane said...

well, an elegant name would be in order, anastasia, or lisette, or camille - oh, i like camille!
makes me think of camellias - and with the coloring that goes well.
i also like carissa.

Anonymous said...

Lovely! =) What amazing work.

Alicia said...

the bossy one of course. There is no other name for her.