Thursday, October 29, 2009

She is finished and her name is.....

I received this via UPS on Tuesday morning! I could hardly wait to get the package open! I love her, she will become my branding piece of advertisement!

As you see she has no jewelry on at all. What was she thinking?????? Oh well, it
doesn't matter, she is in the right place. We will find her the perfect pieces right here at Hampton House Jewelry!

Thanks so much to those who took this virtual trip with me as she was painted, named and hung on the wall! I will be looking for the perfect frame for her soon.

Now to the advertising part!!!!


Dionne said...

It looks soooo pretty, Angela! I LOVE it!

MYSAVIOR said...

Tessa is a beautiful and classy lady.

Blessings for your shop, Angela.


Cindi said...

I love the name and the shop looks fabulous. I would love to visit some day.

Christie Cottage said...

Tessa is a beautiful name for her, as I am sure it is short for Contessa!

She has on no jewelry because she is deciding what to accessorize with!

She is lovely!