Sunday, August 8, 2010

3333.3 Miles!

We had driven to Poughkeepsie to pick up my grandson, arrived there at 2:30 in the morning. I tried sleeping once we got there, I don't really recall sleeping. I remember waking up several times during the 4 hours I laid on the couch. Then we were up and at em headed to CT by 8 in the morning. Monday morning rush hour between NY and CT is not fun! We managed to get lost in downtown Hartford and finding ourselves in the wrong part of town. It wasn't too scary, but I was very happy to get back to the right part of town. We met a fellow Etsian in the Hartford area, went shopping for a little while and then went to lunch. The food was very good, I believe the restaurant was called Friendlys. The butterflies in my stomach did not allow me to eat very much. After saying goodbye to Janette and her sweet granddaughter,....and well almost hitting her car backing out.... we headed to our next location! Josh's house!

When we first arrived, Rick, Josh's dad was the only one home. It was great just to see him and get to visit with him face to face after 21 years. This is the man I put my trust into to raise the child I had birthed but could not raise. I still feel like I made the right decision. He has been a father, and a rock to Josh, a very steady anchor. That is what I was wanting for that precious child, but not ever having experienced that in a man before, I did not know how to put that into words while I was searching for adoptive parents. I don't think I could have found anyone that fit that bill better than Rick.

Joann and Josh came in about 30 minutes later. I was the lst one up to get a hug and kiss! I had forgotten how tall Josh was... or maybe I just don't realize how short I am. He, Micah and Jordan are now right at the same height. Wow...

Joann, has such a generous spirit. I spent more alone time with her than I did anyone else. The time was so precious to me. I wish I had known her better, but for her to be Josh's mom, I certainly didn't need to. I do hope our friendship grows not at Josh's mom and birth mom, but as woman to woman. My mind still is boggled at times about how faithful God was to have put Josh in Rick and Joann's life. They have been what God intended them to be, Josh's parents, his family.

Kara had bought Isaiah some Spy Glasses when we were shopping earlier in the day. Isaiah was smitten with them. We almost could not keep them off of him with the exception of the time he lent them to his "Uncle Josh". As you see in the picture, Josh dutifully wore them like all good uncles would even in public! Josh took time to give Isaiah his first guitar lessons. I have this on video, but could not get it to upload, so here is a picture.

I need to find some lost pictures, so I will diligently search for them and follow up with a closing post on the trip asap!

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Anonymous said...

Such precious memories...I'm glad that you were able to come.

We love Friendly's...especially the ice-cream...hopefully next time you'll get to enjoy it more. =)