Friday, May 1, 2009

Right Before My Very Eyes!

Well I am seeing it happen right before my very eyes. It is a dream coming true, precept upon precept. I had no idea and still am not fully in the know on how God is going to do it all. I guess I really don't need to know what all His plans are for the future, I just need to prepare day by day for what is immediately in front of me.

Last weekend I started taking beautiful fine jewelry in for repair. I had awaited that moment for a over two years. Happily biding my time knowing that I was doing what I believed my Father told me to do. The exciting thing about taking it in for repair, is that I know how to fix it!!!! All my education is coming into play!! How exciting is that???

Today I received a custom order of a bracelet. Pearls and onyx strung on gold wire and knotted between beads. There is more to the bracelet than that, but that is the basics. I am sooo excited. I have been hunting for 7mm onyx beads this evening! I have the pearls already. I will need to order the gold on Monday. Last weekend, I took in wedding set that needed to be sized. It is 18kt white gold, very pretty, and the lady wants to be able to wear it again. It has been three years since she has worn it. I have already ordered the gold for that. Her rings will be ready by next weekend. For some reason, everyone else she took them to, told her it would be six weeks before she would get them back. It kind of seems like they might be sending them out for repair. I can't imagine holding them that long to repair them in house.

I was finally able to finish my yellow page ad this morning. I have been mulling it over for several weeks, not sure what to put in it. This is my first ad as a fine jeweler.
I wanted something that was clear, that stood out in elegant simplicity. I also wanted it to stand out with from the other ads. There really aren't but maybe 2 other ads in the Yellow Pages for jewelers. I want people that are looking for a jeweler to say, "Let me call this one!" I did have a precious friend that gave me the term "The only jeweler you will ever need." I like that and pray to the Good Lord that is the truth, because I am using it!

It won't be long until I am open full time able to make a living from the giftings and talent the Lord has given me! I can hardly wait to take a few mission trips and get some $eed planted in ministries all over the world!


Anonymous said...

Congrats - sometimes ads make it seem so offical.

Anonymous said...

Congrats! If you're still looking for onyx beads, you may want to try
They have wonderful customer service, fast shipping and quality stones.
Good luck on your journey!

LillyShayStyle said...

Yay for you! :)

Karen Gill said...

I'm so excited for you! God is soooo good, congratulations and good fortune!

sparkled*life said...

Isn't it so good that we have a God that wants to see our dreams come true! It is so exciting! That is why I always say DREAM BIG because God knows no limits!