Monday, July 20, 2009

Today is Joshua's 20th Birthday!

After 20+ hours of labor, his mom and I finally got him pushed into the birthcanal!
Whew! What a job that was! Joann, truly was his mom before he ever got here!

He was a beautiful almost bald headed baby, with the deepest eyes and sweetest face.
He pretty much is still just like that. Except the bald part.

I spoke with Joann a while ago, after all these years, I still know I made the right choice. She is such a wonderfully awesome woman, and she loves Josh so wonderfully and perfectly.

I still have the peace of God about my decision. I will just continue to hang on to it for all eternity!

Hopefully I will get to speak to Josh shortly. He was not home when I called. I have a gift I have made him. I need to finish one part of it before I send it to him.
I will come back and post a pic of it here in my blog before I send it.

I hope your today has been super wonderful Joshua! You are an awesome child of the Most High God!

I love you.


wireddesign said...

What a great adoption story! I am thrilled to find that we not only have jewelry design in common, but adoptions as well! (We are a "family in waiting"!) Thanks for the inspiration!

Ana Dolls Designs said...

Your Beloved son is very handsome, enjoy him, may he be Blessed with lot's of Health & Happiness.

Your Blogs are Lovely. God Bless you & Your Family.