Thursday, August 27, 2009


After three days of working 2-4 hours I have my work area in order.
This is my workbench area. The pic does not show how perfectly clean they are!
I promise they are!

This is my storage area and free work space. You can see my small kiln in this pic.
My larger one is sitting on top of the refrigerator until I am ready to put it into use.

This is my metalworking bench for drawing, rolling and hammering metal!

This is my easy reach storage area. I have all the things that I need to set up a bench for work right there with in reach to my left, since I am left handed.

The wet area. I bought a new faucet that I could stretch to fill up the steamer with.
It is so nice to not have to keep filling up water jugs for that.

This is the polishing area. I love the old polisher. It is an antique, but was just recently rebuilt. I hope it goes for a long long time!

Now tomorrow...oh my is my bead area! Anyone want to come help?? I think my honey is going to hide as I clean and organize that area.


Anonymous said...

You're sewing room could use a little TLC...when you coming to NY? =) Looks great and likely a relief to you as well! =)

Critters and Crafts said...

Looks great and like you're ready to start work!

SUE said...

looking really good, Angela. I meant to tell you that I love your vintage lamps.

Christie Cottage said...

Looks great!

Hollyrocks said...

Looks like you've got lots of space to work with! Good luck with all the creative things you plan to do there. :-)

sparkled*life said...

WOW I need to come by and see it in real life!!