Sunday, August 23, 2009

I Need The Help of a Professional!

The Lord has been so good to me, bringing everything I need, or at least I think I need for my jewelry business. I have been storing it in the back room of our shoppe as I have bought it. Now comes the time to put it in place and hope to make sense of it.

I am so overwhelmed by God's generosity. I feel like my store house is full and anything else is going to cause it to overflow. I have got to make some sense of it.
I have got to have it in full operation mode no later than this time next week. I need HELP!

In posting this I am making a challenge to myself to get it all organized, so that I can work efficiently


Anonymous said...

Yayyyyyy Angela! Seeing all your amazing scores puts a huge smile on my face! Gosh, wish I could come out there and help you get all set up. Love those two workbenches! They are wellllll loved! May you create and repair many wonderful items in your up and coming shop!

Kelli. :)

Anonymous said...

Wow Angela!!! I have been in similar situations, but not to quite that scale! It looks like a mountain, but I'm praying that the Lord makes this mountain a plain...I know that there is NOTHING too hard for Him...wish could come and help, but for now I'll continue to pray. Maybe there's that perfect someone an "angel unawares" waiting to lend you a hand. =) God bless dear one!

2kutekreations said...

WOW that is amazing.
I would help ya if I could.
I need to get mine done by next wk too, so we basically have the same goal.
We can do it.