Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Meeting Josh Part 3

Saturday morning came early for me. I needed to try and get some school work done, as I had missed Thursday and had an assignment due Monday. I sat down at the dining room table listening to my quiet home. All that I could hear was the morning greeting of the birds chirping outside the window. It brought a smile to my heart as that seemed to be the only thing that was still the same in my life since Josh had entered it the day before.

Wes got the twins off to a basketball tournament about 6 am so that left just Kara, IZ, Chelsea, Wes, and I to spend the day with Josh and Joann. We had planned on going to the boy's last game in Tyler later that day.

I went to the square to do what little I could in the excited state I was in to help out with the lst annual flea market. I guess the only thing they trusted me to do was to take pics. I wanted to announce to everyone what an especially wonderful day that it was! I pretty much managed to just announce it to those who knew me. I didn't figure all the stranger really needed to know the intimates of my heart that morning.In all honesty, I was trying to keep my self busy awaiting Josh and Joann's arrival. I felt that it would be later in the morning since it was such a late nite. How many words can one look up but not define, as their mind is on one of the most beautiful men she has ever seen and has loved all his life?

Donuts! That would do it! That would fill a little more time as I am waiting semi-patiently. So off I go to the donut store. How many dozen donuts can one family eat? At that point I wanted to make sure no one was going to go hungry so I believe I bought 4 dozen. Yes, 48for six people! Isaiah was VERY happy! Chelsea, Kara, Isaiah, and Wes were now all back in bed snoozing.What were they thinking? " Wake Up! Wake up!" is what my heart wanted to shout! The pent up excitement had me bouncing off walls as quietly as I could.

Finally 10 oclock rolled around! Chels and Josh had an appointment to get their hair cut. Chels went first. Josh got in the seat, and it took me back to the time the boys first got their hair cut. What a wonderful memory. His light blond hair the color of my dad's fell to the ground one lock at a time. I wanted to save a piece just as I had for Micah and Jordan. I didn't though, I didn't want anyone thinking that I was obsessing over him. Hindsight now says, they were thinking that anyway! Oh well, maybe next time.

Once we got home from the hair dresser's, we loaded up and headed to the zoo at Tyler. It was a fun trip. Josh with his long legs crawled into the very back of the expedition(for those who don't know, there is only about 1.5 ft of leg room)with his sisters. They all seemed quite content to be together like sardines in a can. I was sooo excited to get to take him to the zoo. That was until we go there. He and the girls abandoned us!! They disappeared, that left Wes, Joann, Isaiah and me. Wes took a hold of Isaiah most of the time. Joann and I enjoyed it together. Walking and talking with her just reaffirmed my decision almost 19 years before. My heart has always loved her. She is a very loving and gently soul. A wonderful mother and friend to Josh. That is one thing Josh did tell me about her, that she has always been his best friend. What a wonderful compliment!

An hour and a half later the kids call us on the cell phone to find out where we were at. There was laughter and joy in their voices.They had had a wonderful time being the big sister, little brother and baby sister. Small little momentos were bought and exchanged among the three. What a wonderful moment of healing for me to see this interaction.

We loaded up and headed to the basketball tournament. The score I will not post as I want my fellas to continue talking to me. It was fun hearing Josh, Kara, Isaiah and Chelsea cheering for them. They were all offering words of encouragement as often as they could. Once the game was over, we loaded up, yes, all nine of us in the expedition and headed home. There was lots of excitement,disappointment in the game, and stinky bodies in that cramped area!We did manage to make it home safe. It is after midnight, I don't know why I am still up, my alarm will be going off in less than six hours. So I will add on hopefully tomorrow.

Sleep Tight!

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