Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Meeting Josh Part 6

Monday morning came early, the sun was shining so bright. There was a gentle breeze moving through the air. It was truly a wonderful morning. ALL of my children were in my house sleeping. I took the time to look at each sweet face in their moment of perfection. I was just so overwhelmed at the wonderful gifts I had been given in each of them.

Josh got up early to spend a little alone time with Jordan since he had to be at school at 8:15. When we first shared pics of Jordan as a 15 y.o. with Josh and his family they were just as shocked as I was at the resemblance of the two. It was one of those eerie feelings you get that almost doesn't have words to describe it. Jordan and my other son Micah are fraternal twins. I have always said that once God created them, he laughed, and has kept laughing since. They are so opposite. Right now Micah is 5'7" and Jordan 5'11". Their personalities are on opposites side of the spectrum. Hopefully you are getting the picture I am trying to paint. Well back to Jordy and Josh. They look like they could be twins! Body build, height, curls in the hair, eyes, nose. Just one thing after another I would see each of them in the other. I think that this really caused Jordan to have a connection with Josh that he wasn't expecting to have. I also think this has helped Josh to feel like he is part of us. Josh also looks like Kara my oldest daughter. He is undeniably part of us!

Once Jordy was off to school, everyone else begin to gather themselves together. It seems to be the shortest time that we had spent together. Josh had to go back to the hotel to shower and load the car. Joann and I got to visit again. When Josh got back, Kara had pulled out some photo albums and a box of pics. I am not sure where they had come from as I hadn't seen them since we moved into this house a couple of years ago. Needless to say, we all sat around Josh as he flipped through the pages and sifted through the photos in the box. Though time was short, he wanted to look at each picture to make sure he wasn't missing anything. There are so many more for him to go through when he comes back to visit. He chose several that he wanted to keep. There was even one that his mom had sent me when he was small of him and his dad. I thought it was sweet that he wanted that one.

We headed outside as the time drew near for them to leave. The Joshua tree was swaying in the breeze, looking happy to be planted in my front yard. I was hoping Joshua was feeling the same way about being re-planted in our family.

I felt a bit odd, I hadn't bought him a present or a memento of this wonderful time together. My time had been so short, that to buy something so important seemed to need more time than I had. That is one of the few regrets of the meeting that I have had. I am working on something special for his birthday though. I know he likes part of it, as he commented on the part when he initially saw it. He had no idea that I had began it for him in particular.

Okay okay.....back to the front yard.

We in the Hampton family have what we call a family initiation. We normally use it when we travel. Since the family is too large to fit into one hotel room we usually get two rooms next to each other. Who ever lands in the rooms together has to get a wet willy unannounced from the other "chamber mates" sometime during the stay. It just happens. It is one of those urges that comes upon a Hampton and you just may as well surrender and get it over with! Well, needless to say, Josh was unaware of this. Kara, Haleigh and I discussed this important rite of passage. We voted, it was a done deal. Josh was going to have to get a wet willy before he left Texas. The time had come! We were taking photos........Haleigh had Josh and Kara on the sidewalk taking pics. The timing was perfect! We got a perfect shot of Josh's initiation! The big sisters were quite proud of their ability to carry this off without any flaw. You must remember though, that they have been doing this for many many years. They could be pros at it. This also help to bring great laughter and break the sadness of the moment. Pictures were continued for the next 10 minutes or so. I am not sure if it was planned by Josh and Kara or not, but Josh got Haleigh with a wet willy! It was wonderful, see I told you he was fitting into the family so snugly! We did get a picture of that too!

They finally loaded up, after giving hugs to everyone at least two or three times.
My heart was crying, my tears were beginning to pour. I had to let him go once again...this time, it wasn't a small baby I held til the end. It was a man with a wonderful spirit and a generous dose of love that was holding me back. I can still feel his arms around me and the gentle kisses he placed on my head.

I hope to see him again soon. I hope that he will always come back to Texas as often as he can, he has a family here that loves him so dearly.

Thanks for taking the time to read these blogs. I hope that they gave insight into the wonderfulness of choosing life. The joys of the reunion have helped to erase the pain of the separation that was so deep and indescribable.

Be blessed,

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